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City centre

Eichstätt is a traditional Bavarian city, conveniently located between the two major cities Munich and Nuremberg. It is on the smaller scale of cities in Bavaria with around 13,000 inhabitants. Nevertheless, Eichstätt has a lot to offer; with plenty of shopping opportunities around the main square (Marktplatz), Eichstätt fulfils every shopping heart’s desire. For those who like exploring natural history, the Jura-Museum at the Willibaldsburg castle features excavations of Jurassic fossils that were found in the area as well as a gorgeous botanical garden. Eichstätt is a centuries-old bishopric, magnificent monasteries and richly decorated churches were created under their rule, with the most impressive piece being the cathedral located at the centre of the city. Pay a visit to the former prince-bishop’s residence and explore the numerous state rooms that now serve as spaces to host official meetings and cultural gatherings. Alternatively, take some time out and spend a sunny afternoon relaxing in the garden of the Eichstätter summer residence or stroll through a sculpture field made by the renowned German artist Alois Wünsche-Mitterecker.

Boat tours on the Altmühltal river

Rather than taking on various sporting challenges you may wish to enjoy a few relaxing hours on the water and experience pure nature and adventure on a canoe tour or boat tour on the Altmühltal river. There is an option for comfortable boarding directly at the hotel. The peacefully flowing river sets a calm pace, allowing you to complete every section of the tour at your leisure.


Go for a peaceful walk or a more challenging hike or bike ride on the numerous hiking and biking trails such as the Altmühltal Panoramaweg and the Altmühltal Radweg.

In addition, you may wish to take a detour and discover one of the famous local lithographic limestone quarries, such as the quarry of the fossil collector Blumenberg where you will be greeted by a life-size Allosaurus skeleton at the entrance.


From going on reinvigorating nature walks to exploring complex Jurassic fossils linked to the distinctive landscape of Eichstätt’s surrounding area, there is something for everyone to discover. Get taken on a historical journey through different architectural styles and epochs by visiting the many historical castles and churches found in the region and savor some of the best regional cuisine on the way. Experience local culture and take part in one of the many events that take place all year round in Eichstätt. Additionally, there are various leisure activities to be discovered in and around the city such as a fully-fledged driving range for those who would like to brush up on their golfing skills, two public swimming pools, a bouldering centre, a public library and a dinosaur museum. Being so conveniently located, day trips to surrounding cities such as Ingolstadt are more than possible. Visit the Audi Museum and the Audi Forum as well as Ingolstadt Village, an outlet store featuring over 100 designer stores.

Hits for kids &

Holiday with your dog

Pack your loved ones and spend a wonderful family holiday together at the IBB Hotel Altmühltal – Eichstätt. The region offers numerous and varied excursion possibilities and various leisure activities!

As for example, with the adventure cruise on the Brombachsee, children have the opportunity to acquire a mini-captain’s license or book the Wickie experience day. Attractions for young and old can be found on the southern shore of the Altmühlsee,with the adventureplayground “Römer und Alemannen”. Just a few kilometres further on, pirate trips start on the MS Altmühlsee  in Gunzenhausen-Schlungenhof.

Or how about a climbing tour in the Forest Climbing Garden Pappenheim, in the Adventure Climbing Forest in Enderndorf or in the High Rope seam Ingolstadt?

The indoor play oasis Jola  or the Indoor Funpark near Pleinfeld  has everything in the repertoire for every weather, which makes the hearts of the youngsters beat faster!

A must for all model railway fans is the miniature country Treuchtlingen! A real miniature country with railway stations, towns, villages, a fairground, harbour, airport, zoo, city highway, industrial area with gardening and park and a shopping center to discover in detail.

Further children’s dreams come true during the alpaca hike in Massendorf, in the barefoot trail Enderndorf, pony riding at many start-up stations in the Franconian Lakeland, while hüfen on the bungee trampoline at the Brombachsee or in the Wakepark and the San-Shine-Camp on the bathing peninsula Absberg.

For further tips, please give us your best ideas and we will be happy to advise you!

Wuff and away- holiday with dog

Are you looking for great excursions with your beloved four-legged friend?

Go on the 4-paw hike in the Altmühltal Nature Park together or discover the stalactite cave Schulerloch, where the dogs are welcome!

You can enjoy yourself and romp to your heart’s content together at the dog bathing beaches in the Franconian Lakeland at the Great Lakes Altmühlsee, Kleiner   and the Rothsee. The dog beaches at the Altmühlsee and on the bathing peninsula Absberg also offer a dog playground. As an Eldorado for dog lovers, the leisure complex Hahnenkammsee is also recommended for the reason of its spaciousness.