EIC Restaurant 17
EIC Restaurant 17
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The restaurant is located right at the heart of Eichstätt as part of the IBB Hotel Altmühltal. Cradled in the idyllic Altmühltal valley, the restaurant terrace offers scenic views on to the peaceful Altmühltal river and the lavish surrounding nature. Being so centrally located, we invite you to enjoy a relaxing lunch before you resume to a busy day of sightseeing or business meetings, or alternatively, to enjoy a cosy dinner with family and friends.



Following the hotel’s unique blend of Scandinavian and Italian design fused with Bavarian tradition, the restaurant features elements made from natural materials that were extracted and meticulously crafted into timeless pieces of art. The beautiful relief made out of Jura limestone stone obtained from a local quarry featuring intricate imprints of moss and lichen is probably the most impressive design piece found in the restaurant area and echoes the numerous other nature inspired details present in the hotel. Whilst the layout was inspired by the renowned Parisian restaurant “Monsieur Bleu” and a distinct design clarity was brought to life by Scandinavian flair, our main ambition is to receive our guests with a sense of cosy familiarity that reflects itself not only in the atmosphere but also in the culinary delights served by our talented team.



Whatever occasion may bring you to the Altmühltal valley, Eichstätt and its surrounding area has a lot to offer. From going on peaceful nature walks, exploring historical castles and marvellously decorated churches to discovering lithographic fossils, there is something that will awaken everyone’s hunger for adventure. And when the real hunger strikes, refuel at our restaurant by trying some of our innovative Bavarian dishes after a long day of sightseeing, shopping or business meetings. Whilst our menu changes according to the season, there is a menu featuring classic dishes that are available throughout the year.
Taste some of our gastronomic delicacies paired with one of our exquisite local wines. As well as supporting local winemakers, we take great care in only selecting the best wines and therefore mainly serve VDP wines from Germany and some refined red wines from France and Italy. Our restaurant manager Rolf Reichardt will gladly support you in selecting the perfect wine that complements your dish.


Our suppliers

Experience what it is like tasting quality that is second to none. We make sure that we only select the best suppliers found in the region to not only ensure that our quality but also sustainability standards are met. Whilst any beef and pork produce comes from our local butcher Joseph Huber, lamb is supplied by the sheep farm Wörlein and fish from the trout farm Lang, with any raw ham delicacies originating from Schinken Ambiente in Bergheim. Our fruit and vegetables are delivered by the local company Blumen Grau and the eco farm Mayer.